Label Material Types

We’ve Got the Right Material for Your Label Needs

Our wide selection of materials will help you achieve the right look and feel for your custom printed labels. Click one of the links below or scroll down to see the many options we offer.

glossy white label for beverage

Glossy White Labels

Also known as semi-gloss white labels, this label material can be transformed into many different looks depending on how you design it. Vibrant colors and crisp text are easy to achieve on this material type because of its glossy coating. With flexographic and digital printing, we can help you get glossy white labels that are more likely to stand out and attract attention.

Matte White Labels

There are several characteristics that makes matte white labels different from glossy white – most notably, how it looks and feels. Matte white labels have a softer appearance than glossy white labels because it doesn’t have the slick quality of a gloss coating. Many products in the bath and beauty markets use matte white labels because it can help products achieve a more elegant or natural look.

clear label for hot sauce

Clear Labels

Since clear labels are made from film, they’re inherently water-resistant making them a popular choice for food, beverage, and bath & beauty products. Practically any product that faces moisture can benefit from clear labels because the inks won’t smudge or wash off. Also, there are a lot of things you can do with a clear label’s design like incorporating color gradients, texture and more.

Weatherproof Labels

All label material types have a certain amount of weatherproofing capabilities. If your labels need to stand up to water, sun or chemical exposure, there are certain materials that are better suited to handle tough conditions. Your dedicated customer service rep can help you pick which materials will work with your particular needs so your weatherproof labels can last for an extended period of time.

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