Cosmetic Labels

cosmetic label for cream jar

Increase Shelf Visibility with Custom Printed Labels

We always take into account constant handling and varying temperatures when we print cosmetic labels because we understand how important quality labels are for selling cosmetics. A critical element to labeling small products (such as lip balms and other products with a small circumference) is having a tight wrap when the label is applied. That’s why we carry a large selection of custom cutting dies so your label’s shape can fit perfectly onto the container.

Is your cosmetic in a jar? Find out how to customize jar labels for a beautiful look!

Since I was under a time constraint, which is how a lot of my printing projects go, I really appreciated the quick responses I received. – April B., Quicklogic Corporation

shrink sleeve cosmetic label

Make Your Labels Appealing

The materials you choose for your cosmetic labels will be dependent on the product’s contents and how it’s filled. To make your custom cosmetic labels noticeable and attractive, you should have a design that captures your company’s identity and speaks to your target audiences.

Ways to make your cosmetic labels more appealing:

  • Our clear label stock can achieve an elegant “no label look” that is popular in the bath and beauty market.
  • Give your cosmetic product a high-end luster with custom foil labels or a quality finish. Cold-foil stamping is an easy way to add eye-catching sheen to your labels.
  • You can use recyclable labels and stocks made from renewable materials to help brand your cosmetic product as “green” or natural.
  • Learn what customers typically look out for when reading a cosmetic label so you can create an appealing label design.

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