Lotion Labels


Attention Grabbing Lotion Labels

Elevate your product’s packaging with custom lotion labels that convey the quality of your product while looking good on and off the shelf. Lotion bottles are frequently squeezed and exposed to different kinds of environments like bathrooms, toiletry bags, purses and more. Our extensive inventory of label materials and printing techniques make it easier for you to have lotion labels that impress consumers while making your brand/product memorable.

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I compared with two other label companies before ordering, including a previous employer. Consolidated Label blew everyone away with the prompt responses and ease of ordering. – Susan D., Principle Business Enterprises


Design Tips for Your Custom Lotion Labels

  • Clear label material is popularly used for products with bright colors or unique contents because it allows parts of the product to show through the design. Clear labels can also add a touch of elegance to your product giving it a “no label look.”
  • One way you can attract more customers is by identifying unique product benefits or specialty ingredients (like organic oils, hypoallergenic, etc.) on the front label.
  • Keep in mind that your lotion labels need to be resistant to moisture and use the right adhesive for curved and flexible surfaces which lotion containers commonly have. Your dedicated customer service representative can help you choose the best combination of materials for your project.

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