Beverage Labels


Moisture Resistant Beverage Labels

From the shelf to the fridge, beverage labels often have to stand up to the challenges of moisture and varying temperatures. Your custom labels should be made with those and other considerations in mind. If you’re concerned about how your labels will hold up against moisture, using a laminate finish or UV coating on your paper label can help repel environmental factors like condensation and varying temperatures. Film labels are another option that work well for different types of beverages and their environments.

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Make a Statement with Your Beverage

We can print drink labels with photographic quality images and crisp text using digital and flexographic printing techniques – regardless of your order’s size. To protect your custom label’s ink and design from humidity and moisture, we typically suggest using a finish to keep the label from fading, bleeding or smudging.

Attention Grabbing Shrink Sleeve Labels

One way you can make your beverage product stand out in almost any environment is with shrink sleeve labels, a type of label that completely covers the surface of the container or bottle. Growing in popularity in various industries, shrink sleeves look good on beverage products with a unique shape or eye-catching design because its 360 degree graphics can add visual interest to products.

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