Food Labels


Shelf Appeal and Food Label Competition

As competition within the food industry increases each year, so does the importance of label quality and overall shelf appeal. Having printed custom food labels for more than 25 years, our standard of excellence and labeling expertise will allow you to stand out and differentiate your product from competing brands. Whether you need labels or stickers, our internal processes are designed to produce custom food labels which meet FDA nutrition fact regulations and guidelines for acceptable inks, materials, coatings, adhesives and all other aspects of label manufacturing.

Nutrition Facts & FDA Standards fda


Please review the FDA’s guidelines for food labeling before you create a design to better ensure your custom food labels are in compliance.


Tough & Durable Labels

Since food labels can be for fruits, vegetables, sauces, snacks, condiments, seasonings and much more, they must be durable and versatile enough to withstand certain environmental conditions such as moisture, sunlight and chemicals. We understand which methods are best for making food product labels that can stand up to environmental factors without fading, bleeding or smudging.

Make Your Food Labels Stand Out

Competition between store and national brands has created a demand for high-impact packaging. We’ve added shrink sleeve label capabilities to give your products form-fitted 360 degree graphics. Shrink sleeves can also incorporate tamper-evidence protection if security is a concern for you.

Packaging and storage temperature can make a difference in material selection. As whole-food and natural options become more popular among consumers, our clear labels can emphasize the natural aspects of your food product as it can be seen through the label.

It’s important to market your product’s benefits while keeping in mind current trends (e.g. fat-free or low-sodium). Your personal customer service rep is experienced and up-to-date on food labeling trends so they’re able to make suggestions and help you when you need it.