Household Cleaning Labels


Durable and Attractive Household Cleaning Labels

Household cleaning labels encounter rigorous handling condition and stiff competition on store shelves. With a wide assortment of label materials in stock, we can help you select the best material and adhesive for your cleaning product. We also carry hundreds of different label shapes (commonly referred to as a ‘die’) perfect for spray bottles, squeeze bottles, industrial jugs and more. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll be happy to fulfill your special request.

Multi-Layer Labels for Product Information

One thing to consider about your household cleaning labels is how much information will be included. If your product’s label needs to display instructions, uses, warnings, multiple languages and company information, then multi-layer labels are a great solution because it doesn’t add much bulk to packaging. Also called expanded content labels, booklet labels and hinge labels, our multi-layer labels can peel back cleanly and reseal for multiple uses.

I love the labels. Best quality I ever seen. I will be using you guys for all of my work.  - Jason H., Panther Sport Nutrition


Shape It Up

A unique label shape can also add visual impact to your cleaning product, that’s why we carry over 2000 custom die shapes for you to choose from or we can make a custom die for you. The easiest way to determine if we have the right die size for your application is to send a sample of your bottle to your customer service representative. That way, we can make sure your labels will properly fit your container.

Household Cleaning Labels that Stand Out

We can help you choose the best materials for your particular label application – we generally recommend film material or laminated paper labels for household cleaning products. Shrink sleeve labels provide the same label design protection as film and laminate but with added vibrancy and impact. Shrink sleeves look great on unusual shaped bottles or with visually striking designs because the 360 degree wrapped graphics on the shrink sleeve will emphasize your product.


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