FDA Guidelines for Food Labels

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FDA Guidelines for Food LabelsThe front panel of your food product label, known as the Principal Display Panel (PDP), is where all required label statements are placed. Your food product’s nutritional statements always go on the PDP because it’s the part of the label that is most likely to be seen by a consumer. Food labels are also required to display the name of the food and net quantity. For more detailed information about label guidelines, please visit the FDA’s Food Labeling Guide.

Nutrition Facts & FDA Standards

FDA Nutrition facts label

Please review FDA guidelines before creating your label design to ensure your custom food labels are in compliance. Check out our support articles to learn more.

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Testing Food Products

Please note that the FDA doesn’t actually test the nutrition of food products and submitting your nutritional facts is voluntary. To obtain accurate nutritional information for your food product, however, it’s best to go through a chemical analysis company. Contact the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC), a non-profit scientific association, to learn more about comprehensive chemical analysis methods. Although the FDA doesn’t test your nutritional information, the food must be labeled with accurate and appropriate nutritional facts and must appear in the FDA regulated panel format.