Medical Labels

Group of custom roll labels for medical products"

We Carry FDA Approved Label Materials

Printing labels right the first time is especially important in the medical industry because medical labels must meet stringent FDA guidelines before products can be legally distributed in the U.S. Similar to labels created for pharmaceutical products, medical labels must be durable enough to withstand constant handling so it can stick to the product or surface for a long time. We carry a variety of FDA approved materials to satisfy labeling requirements and achieve the look you want. Get started on your custom medical labels by getting an instant online quote.

Get started on your medical labels and stickers by getting an instant online quote!

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Labels

We print a variety of custom labels for medical marijuana and cannabis-related products such as oils, edibles, supplements, and more. Our extensive inventory of label materials will ensure that your labels not only look great but work seamlessly with your product’s packaging. Looking for design inspiration? Check out our blog post on cannabis labels and packaging design trends.

Frankly, I’m a bit amazed that you give such fine service for individuals as you do for the commercial market.– Stu K.


Attention Grabbing Medical Labels

A unique shape or eye-catching material can add visual appeal to custom medical labels, making it easier for consumers and medical professionals to spot your product. We have thousands cutting dies for you to choose from, and hundreds of material options to achieve the exact look you want. A problem we’ve seen our customers encounter is that there isn’t enough space on one label to include additional statements. A great solution for including extra information that customers, vendors, or employees need is multi-layer labels. Also known as booklet labels and expanded content labels, this specialty label product can be applied to a variety of medical items.

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