Fluorescent Labels

Fluorescent label sheets

Get Your Message Or Product Noticed with Bright Labels

Fluorescent labels – also known as ‘neon labels’ – are a popular label product because they stand out more compared to other labels. With their bold colors, fluorescent labels make it easier to grab attention which is perfect for warnings or getting customers to notice your product. We carry five of the most common fluorescent label stocks (red, green, yellow, pink, orange) and can flood-coat stocks to almost any desired color in case you need a specific color.

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Green Fluorescent Sticker

Popular Uses of Fluorescent Labels

Bright color labels serve multiple purposes across a variety of industries from food and beverage, to industrial and pharmaceutical. We’ve printed custom fluorescent labels for customers looking to promote a product or sale, as well as manufacturers that need to call attention to hazardous materials and safety conditions for employees. Drawing attention to your product, inventory, machinery, etc. is easier when you have bright fluorescent labels.

Boosting Your Label’s Appeal

Fluorescent labels inherently attract attention due to its bright color, however, there are things you can do to make your labels more appealing to your target audience. The shape and size of your label is an important consideration. A unique shape can make your bright label “pop” even more while the size of it influences how much design space you have for artwork, text, etc. We also have UV coatings, gloss/matte laminates and other types of finishes so your fluorescent labels can be better protected against damage, or have a special visual effect.

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