Removable Labels


Easy to Peel Removable Labels & Stickers

Labels with a removable adhesive are ideal for for any situation where you need to remove the label without damaging it and the application surface. Custom removable labels can be applied to a variety of materials and work best on clean, dry surfaces. In comparison to permanent adhesive labels, removable labels have a weaker “tack” which allows them to be peeled off with ease. Removing a permanent label (even if you had just applied it) can damage the label, application surface, or leave behind adhesive residue.

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Ideal for Packaging, Promotions and Branding

Coupon labels, promotional stickers and News Notes® require a removable adhesive so customers can peel them off without getting frustrated. Not only do removable labels and stickers work great for promotions – and temporary marking in general – they can also be used for enhancing your brand’s image with logo stickers that seal mail correspondence, event invitations, pamphlets, product packaging, and more.

Check out these considerations to make the most out of your removable labels:

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