Custom Shape Labels

Custom shape labels on bottles

Shape It Up (Your Label That Is!)

Whether you need a certain label shape to fit onto your product’s container, or want your labels to be visually interesting, there are a variety of benefits for getting custom shape labels. For one thing, labels with a unique shape are more likely to stand out in comparison to standard shapes with similar artwork. We carry over 2,000 custom cutting dies and can make a custom shape for you (Note: a one-time fee applies).

Need help with your design? Check out our best practices for designing custom labels that will print well.

The labels are, well frankly… Beautiful! Far better than I even imagined. I will never do business with anyone else. – Gary M.


Be Different with Custom Shape Labels

Differentiating your product from the crowd can be a challenge, however, unique custom labels can make that objective easier to achieve. We offer a variety of ways to make your labels demand attention like shiny materials (e.g. foil and holographic), full-body shrink sleeve labels, specialized inks, and of course, custom shape labels. If you’re still not sure about whether or not you should get custom shape labels, below are some reasons why many of our customers choose them.

Why Choose a Custom Shape?

  • Unique container shapes may need an irregular label shape to fit the container’s contours so the label can enhance the packaging and be smoothly applied.
  • Labels that are cut into recognizable shapes – like a heart, star or four-leaf clover – can reinforce a brand or product’s message such as passion, excellence and good luck, respectively.
  • An interesting design paired with a custom label shape can be more impactful to consumers than if it was printed with a standard shape like rectangle labels.

Check out our label size calculator to find the right size for your bottle labels!

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