4 Color Process Labels

Custom full color labels

Achieving High Image and Color Accuracy

Our flexographic and digital label presses use a “4 color process” to achieve high definition, full color results. These 4 colors are commonly known as CMYK, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). In flexographic printing, the label artwork’s colors are separated into ink levels of CMYK. This separation is used to create printing plates and each plate prints a single color. With all four printing plates combined, the CMYK inks create photographic quality images.

  • Full color labels can help your product stand out on the shelf and make your brand more memorable.
  • Most other label companies can only print up to 8 or 10 colors – we can print up to 12 colors with flexographic printing!
  • Gradient colors can be hard to print, but we’ve got it down to a science so you can further customize your label look.

Frankly I’m a bit amazed that you give such fine service for individuals as you do for the commercial market. – Stu K.

Label roll

Spot Colors and 4 Color Process Labels

Since normal CMYK inks are mixed during the printing process, minor differences in color can occur when printing at high volumes. Using spot colors, however, can avoid this entirely. Spot colors are inks that are premixed to their needed level by a computerized ink matching system, then used during the printing process to achieve a higher level of color consistency.

Spot colors will grant you acute accuracy and consistency with every press run. In a flexographic press, they can be used for up 12 different colors in a single run; digital presses can use up to seven spot colors in addition to CMYK colors for a total of 10 colors.

Why ‘K’ for Black?

As mentioned earlier, the ‘K’ in CMYK stands for ‘key.’ A key plate color is the color which prints the detail in the image. Without a key plate, the images typically lack any detail because the key color is used to provide lines and contrast. Since black is the most commonly used key plate color, the ‘K’ in CMYK has become synonymous with black. For the best color results, your labels should be designed in CMYK.

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