Custom Cover-Up Labels

Custom cover-up labels

Cover Up Old Information With Style

Mask printing mistakes, grammatical errors, outdated information, and anything else that needs to be changed or concealed with custom cover-up labels. We have several label options that will discretely hide the printed material underneath. Cover-up labels (also known as “blockout labels”) do have some special requirements, so let us know what you need to mask so we can select the right materials to create a seamless solution.

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I wanted to tell you how great these labels look! They exceeded my expectations, and I’m very pleased with the quality and feel. – Eric, ELM Video Technology, Inc.


How Cover-Up and Blockout Labels Work

Standard label materials are not opaque enough to fully block-out text or images underneath the label.  Whether you need to cover up print on packaging, envelopes, flyers, or magazines, we have cover-up and block out label options that will work for you.

  • A high gloss paper that has a special opaque barrier – great for labeling items that are mostly used indoors.
  • Metallic paper or film overprinted with white ink (the metallic material acts as an opaque barrier).
  • Opaque film with a dark barrier undercoating is a good choice if you need extremely durable cover-up labels.
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