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The Right Label Materials For Your Label Needs

Our wide selection of label materials will help you achieve the right look and feel for your custom printed labels. Expand the link below or scroll down to see the many options we offer. For more label tips, download our white paper to see how to attract more customers by upgrading your labels!

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glossy white label for beverage

Glossy White Labels

Also known as ‘semi-gloss’ labels, this label material is like a canvas that can be transformed into anything you want. Vibrant colors and crisp text are easy to achieve on white labels because of its glossy coating. We offer a variety of customizations to make glossy white labels stand out and attract attention.

Matte White Labels

Matte labels have a flat, soft appearance which makes them great for achieving a more elegant, natural look. They’re popular in a variety of markets, particularly, bath and beauty products like cosmetics, skin care, and candles. Matte labels can be applied to different types of packaging like glass bottles, jars, cardboard boxes, and more.

Clear label materials

Clear Labels

Since clear labels are extremely water-resistant, they’re a popular choice for food, beveragebath, and beauty products. Clear labels create an elegant “no label” look that makes it easy to show off bold colors, unique product contents, and label artwork. We offer clear labels in glossy and matte options to best suit your design needs.

Weatherproof Labels

If your labels need to stand up to water, sun, or chemical exposure, we have materials that are better suited to handle tough conditions, like weatherproof and industrial label materials. Your dedicated customer service rep can help you pick which materials will work for your needs so your weatherproof labels can last for a long time.

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