Custom Brown Kraft Labels

‘Brown kraft’ is an unbleached paper that is perfect for creating a natural appearance with your custom labels. The material works for many different container types and can blend into corrugated cartons and bags for a seamless packaging look. We can print custom brown kraft labels in different shapes and sizes to best fit your packaging and labeling needs. Call us at 1-800-475-2235 or email to get started on your labels today.

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Bourbon brown kraft labels

I am new to the “label world” and my rep was extremely helpful and her guidance was very much appreciated. – Jhon P., Sister Bliss

What to Know About Custom Brown Kraft Labels

For those looking for a more natural look, brown kraft paper is an excellent choice due to it’s earthy color and slightly rough texture. Below are some considerations to help you create the perfect kraft label for your project:

  • Brown kraft labels are typically uncoated to emphasize the material but we can add a gloss or matte finish to enhance the label’s durability.
  • Its brown color and texture complements a variety of label designs like rustic, vintage, and minimalist.
  • Keep in mind that brown kraft paper can alter the look of inks – we recommend ‘white underprinting’ for added opacity.
  • A custom shape can enhance the look of your kraft labels by adding visual interest so your products stand out.

Testing is recommended for brown kraft paper to ensure it works with your application process, product, and service conditions. Please contact us to learn more about samples so you can see whether the material will work for your project before ordering.

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