Squeezable Packaging Labels

Squeezable lotions and sauces

Labels for Any Type of Squeezable Container

Using the wrong label material on squeezable products can really make you feel the squeeze – but not in a good way. Squeezable packaging labels are perfect for products that will be pinched, bent, and you guessed it, squeezed. However, you can’t use just any type of label material for squeezable packaging because it can crease and lose its original appearance over time. That’s why we print all of our squeezable packaging labels on flexible film materials that are designed to handle drips, spills, and the toughest squeeze. Get started on your labels by getting an instant online quote today.

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Printing and Color Options

We offer two printing techniques to suit a variety of label needs: flexographic and digital. Both techniques use 4-color process printing and can print on a variety of materials, as well as the capability to print varnishes and spot colors for exact Pantone color matches. See how these two printing techniques differ:

  • Flexo: Flexographic presses have a longer setup time than digital presses but have a faster output once it’s up and running. Since they print labels fast, they’re better suited for large runs which work well for enterprise-level needs.
  • Digital: A favorite among individuals, start-ups and small businesses, digital printing works well for shorter runs and projects with multiple designs. Digital presses have fewer technical requirements than flexographic because no printing plates are used resulting in shorter turnaround times.
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